Care of Leather Handbags

Enjoy your leather handbag, with its unique characteristics & individuality of a quality natural hide. Your bag will age beautifully, acquiring a vintage look but can benefit from some simple tips.


  • Follow the directions on a leather cleaner – some will require dilution with water; others are used full-strength. Empty your handbag and with the leather cleaner and a dampened rag, begin wiping the surface of the bag. Use another dry rag to polish the leather, slowly and smoothly.

  • It is important to note that ink stains require a little more vigor. Rubbing alcohol can be extremely helpful with such stains. Apply the alcohol sparingly.

  • Bloodstains can be challenging as well. Surprisingly, a combination of lemon juice and cream of tartar is a common recipe for this type of stain. The mixture must sit on the stain for several minutes before it needs to be wiped off with a dry rag.

  • In addition, a test blot should always be done on a small corner of the leather before applying soap or conditioner to the whole bag. Most soap designed for leather will be safe to use and Leather Honey works on all types of leather (except suede) but a quick test is always a safe bet. 

Never do:

  • Never use direct heat to dry bags

  • Leather goods should not be cleaned with water

  • Leather left in direct sunlight may fade

  • Sharp objects can scratch leather

  • Overfilled bags may loose their shape.

  • Does not rub the long fur

How to store your bags:

  • Opt for not hanging your purses on a hook or a hanger. Depending on the strap of the handbag, a hook or hanger can distort the shape of it. Instead, store your purses in an open basket in a clean, dry spot in your home. Make sure that the basket has a piece of fabric or cloth on the bottom of it.

  • Keep tissue paper stuffed into it. It will help to keep the bag in a nice shape when you’re not using it. If the purse has no flap or zipper on it, the tissue paper will also prevent dust from flying into it. Since most purses already come with big wads of it, use that instead of having to buy some.

  • Have a few micro fiber cloths in the basket. They are soft cloths that make daily maintenance easy. It will shine up the hardware on the purse without scratching it and will also easily wipe off any dust that is on the outside. No need to wet the cloth, it will work perfectly when dry.

  • Make sure to store the basket that contains the purses off of the floor. Not only are they a magnet for pet fur, they are also susceptible if your dog or cat has an accident or decides to sleep on them.

  • Keep them stored out of direct sunlight. The light can distort the color of the purses and ruin them. It is best to keep them on a shelf in your closet where you can reach them but they are out of the way from anything that can ruin them.

  • Put any purses that you don’t use often in a piece of your luggage. It will keep them clean so you won’t have to dust them, you can save space by putting them in empty luggage, and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Buffalo leather: special conditions

  • Only vacuum clean with a soft brush.
  • Never use soap or water otherwise the velvety look and feel will disappear.
  • Do not apply leather grease or soak the leather.
  • Avoid any chemical products, such as saddle soap, other leather cleaners or household product.