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We are Olina FRANCOva and Jitka ARAZImova and this is the story of our FRANCO ARAZZI leather bags brand foundation.

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Our team

Franco Arazzi  leather hanbags

Both of us come from inspiring historical Prague. We are friends and former schoolmates from secondary art school. Olina continued in her studies at Academy of Fine Arts. Jitka became an illustrator for Faculty of Medicine at Charles University.

The idea to start designing and sewing our own handbags originated in 2012 in the shop with handbags where we could not choose „the right one“ product. At that moment we seem to have been well tuned. Then Olina mentioned that she can provide a part of her sculpture studio for the project beginning. And maybe the impact of our ancestors reflected at the moment too.

Olina's grandfather was a shoemarker and wished that her father continued to the craft. He wished to expand his shoemaking workshop and compete with the world-famous Czech brand Baťa. However his son „failed“ his drawings and did not apply his artistic talent in shoemaking. Instead of it he started to study drawing at the Academy of Fine arts. On hte other hand Olina walked in the footsteps of her father, but she was probably influenced by her grandfather's relationship to the craft.

In contrast to that, Jitka back to childhood sewed dresses for dolls (and later on herself) but also handbags under the guidance of her grandmother who followed all the fashion trends from 1940's. According to the women's magazines, she cut and sewed her own original models that all the ladies around envied. Jitka's grandmother also taught her how major impact for the appearance and self-esteem of women has the high quality and original fashion accessories – shoes and handbags.

Our objective was clear - to create an original and interesting handbags, which assume at first sight and will also be functional. As a material we chose leather - a traditional material with unique properties, which is aging into beauty. We decided to use only the lesther of livestock, where the leather is secondarily processed material. The starting point for us was maximum toning of natural material.

And here our adventurous experimenting with the shape and form began. It has resulted in the key features of our models: the minimalist geometric shapes, volume distribution into the area, handles regrooved directly into shape, emphasizing geometry by double top stitching.

Shape effect is not at the expense of functionality. Conversely, it provides space for multi-functionality: handbags can change colors, can be tranformed to bags, bags can be transformed to backpacks, handbags interior can be transformed to a small purse or fanny pack.

It created a large space for wiring fantasy of woman who wears the model. Confident woman with original thinking, looking for a playful, extravagant fashion accessories - this woman is our customers and for HER we have established a brand FRANCO Arazzi.

Into the awareness of the Czech market our handbags come through the show's design as well as through leading Czech boutiques offering the original Czech design.

Our agents abroad we entrusted to our friend Tereza Sejkotová. Tereza, unlike us, can do business. It entertains her and thanks to that we can fully focus on what entertains us.

Primary for us is experimenting on the handbag theme and new models development. Therefore, our handbags are made only on request and in small batches and all of them are all copyrighted originals.

Thanks to it our customer always gets into the hand really unique model, which was designed and fabricated completely just by the two of us Olina and Jitka.


sewing leather handbag- Franco Arazzi