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This bag is absolutely amazing. I have been wearing it for two years a few times a week and is still 100% amazing. Huge, comfortable and really posh!!!



For me the best gifts ever are from the Franco Arazzi studio. The last one, entirely original tool-making workshop strip I already started to use instead of handbags. If I want glorious reward, I go to the Franco Arazzi. There they always fulfill my dreams and formidable ideas . Every time I take any Franco Arazzi model, I feel the uniqueness! "


Beautiful shopping in Prague: what a stylish handmade bag!
So many shapes and colours, but a yellow one was perfect for me.
Thank you Francoarazzi!



"Why I like Franco Arazzi bags?

You recognise them at the first sight!

You can alter their appearance!

You never meet the same on the street.


And mainly,

I do not own any other bag!!! "             Ilona   ;o)))



All my life I saw the handbags as impractical equipment and I didn't understand their enthusiastic fans. But thanks to Franco Arazzi I changed my mind - all handbags are improved by your personal needs with clever organizational elements (two laces with carabiner for keys and the inner pouch for purse and mobile phone) which can be also used as a backpack to keep your hands free - that all in original design with long service life.. Really ideal choice for my need of practical and specific life style. I highly recommend!



Big success with Franco Arazzi bag on my trip to Italy.



From the very beginning, a love at first sight! The precision, simplicity, all the colour possibilities... all you want in a handbag. Thank you, Franco Arazzi, for creating the best handbag ever!



Handbag is absolutely gorgeous. So original lots and lots of people ask me already where is it from! "